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5061 N. 30th St.
Suite 104
Colorado Springs, Co 80919
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Toll Free: (866) 778-1240
Toll Free Fax: (866) 778-1241

Local Phone: (719) 266-2021
Local Fax: (719) 266-5855
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What our customers are saying!

I wanted an award that was substantial in heft and obvious quality and design. I also wanted it to be representative of our values in an obvious and apparent way even without reading the text. The framework of our consulting products as well as our internal values are represented as being along three axis which we had color coded as red, green and yellow. Our corporate color is blue. Finding the Quantum awards was a perfect fit for all the criteria. Each year at the closing dinner of our kick-off the awards are presented. Now in our third year, we received a record high number of nominations and it finally became very difficult to choose the winner. It was quite apparent at the award presentations that this has now become an embedded part of our culture. The awards are received with appreciation and gratitude and the community fully celebrates the recipient as a representative of the way they want our shared values to be lived out. I want to thank you, Kelsey and the rest of the folks at Glassical Designs for your outstanding service and quality of work. You are so easy to work with, extremely reliable and are truly the easiest part of the entire process. So happy I found you on the web that first summer!

BEst Regards,
Modular Management

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