Recognition Programs: BRANDING

Branding is an integral part of who a company is. Branding ties all the different pieces and parts together so that you have one identity. Aside from just offering recognition pieces, we also help create recognition programs.
August 27, 2018 by Amanda Sturgis

Recognition Programs: Getting the most bang for your buck

Over the last 30 years, corporate recognition has changed considerably but, not always for the better. As our world has evolved into the technological age, the personal touch of face to face and phone call interactions have given way to texting and email. While most corporations see the need for some type of recognition program, which is proven to aid retention, companies typically gasp at the cost...
February 29, 2016 by Nora LaMar

Create a Recognition Program in 5 Easy Steps

Having a well planned, recognition program for your organization increases its value and desirability. Employees are more receptive to a program in which they understand the requirements and selection process. By following these five easy steps, you can build a recognition program that is organized, well rounded and successful...
October 12, 2015 by Nicole Dent

Formal Recognition: Is It Worth It?

Why should you formally recognize your employees? What's the big deal? Can't I just give them a gift card or a bonus every now and then to show them I appreciate them? Often times, the biggest mistake an employer makes is not recognizing their employees formally...
July 15, 2013 by Nicole Dent

As Summer Approaches

I understand that summer with all the beauty of the landscape, and the warmth of the sunny days, make most of us want to get outside and play.  The last thing we want to think about is autumn or next winter in January.  I advocate that while it may seem untimely, August & September are the best months for our  larger corporate customers to start planning for next year's award banquets...
May 13, 2013 by Nora LaMar

Fun Facts About Recognition Programs

Whenever we hire a new employee we explain that we have the best job in the world.  In helping our customers design recognition programs tailored to their specific needs we "get to" be involved in an incredibly positive endeavor. Fun Facts about Recognition Programs...
January 25, 2013 by Nora LaMar

Customer Service

Customer service skills are an absolute requirement for working at Glassical Designs. We pride ourselves on treating people the way we would like to be treated. Respect, understanding, knowledge and compassion are all important factors in our customer service process...
December 13, 2012 by Kelsey Stringham

Above and Beyond

Since I came to Glassical Designs in 2011, I have learned the true meaning of customer service. These days many businesses see genuine customer service as a luxury they cannot afford, but that is not the case with Glassical Designs. One specific instance was a few months ago...
March 20, 2012 by Kelsey Stringham

Highest Quality Production Materials

I just got out of a production meeting and the feedback I got from our engravers, regarding the new film we're using, was terrific. Our new film resistance allows us to achieve much greater detail and an even deeper depth, while maintaining the quality of the image.  That, coupled with the film positives produced from our new high performance printer, is allowing Glassical Designs to produce the best awards we've ever made.  While we've always had extremely high standards, this new equipment really impresses and has raised the bar for great looking awards even higher.
February 08, 2012 by Kelsey Stringham

Why Purchase Art Glass with Glassical Designs?

As owner and President of Glassical Designs for over 27 years, I have had the privilege to design and create unique glass and crystal awards.  As much as I enjoy designing artwork to fit an event or corporate theme, nothing inspires me more then to design a new art glass award...
October 14, 2011 by Nora LaMar